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Monthly Children's Mass


Monthly Children's Service:

  • 9:30-10am on the 3rd Sunday of the month: a special service in the Lady Chapel aimed at age 0-7 led by Father Justin and others. It includes simplified language, fun songs and communion.  A breakfast follows in the small hall and all are welcome to join us. This is a great place to meet new people and, if you are new to faith and children, we particularly invite you to join us.

Monthly Children's Service on these dates:

Sunday 18th March: 9:30-10am

Sunday 15th April: 9:30-10am

Sunday 20th May: 9:30-10am

Sunday 17th June: 9:30-10am

Sunday 15th July: 9:30-10am

Sunday 16th September: 9:30-10am

Sunday 21st October: 9:30-10am

Sunday 18th November: 9:30-10am